Michael J Feldman MD

Areas of Expertise


Gender & Sexuality

Our understanding of gender and sexuality is expanding and deepening. When development of these core aspects of identity is thwarted, youth and adults may experience significant mental health problems.

Transgenerational Trauma

Persistent yet unexplained difficulties in daily life may be related to overwhelming events experienced by previous generations of family members. They are sometimes considered family 'secrets,' that are rarely talked about (i.e. war, emigration, early loss, Holocaust). Without realizing, psychological wounds are passed down to children and grandchildren.


I am available to post-graduate clinicians treating adults and adolescents for private supervision. I have over ten years of supervising experience at Columbia where I founded a training program for clinicians treating youth in psychodynamic psychotherapy.


I am frequently asked to participate at psychoanalytic meetings, at the local, national and international level and serve on the Committee on Gender and Sexuality for the American Psychoanalytic Association. I have taught in high schools and medical schools and in training programs for psychiatrists and psychoanalysts.


Recent publications concern clinical work regarding transgenerational trauma and, early parental loss. I co-authored the Position Statement regarding gender and sexual identity for the American Psychoanalytic Association. Previous publications in leading journals concern Sexuality across the lifespan.